Our training aims to develop your interpersonal and social engagement skills using the vehicle of our community radio station.   You can choose to learn about every aspect of media or just one.  You can choose to volunteer for us or elsewhere or just enjoy a fuller life with your new skills and confidence.

We offer training by qualified and experienced trainers.  This can be delivered through different methods, such as classroom instruction, external locations, shadowing or discussions and practical sessions.

Our learning programmes vary and can be tailored to individuals or groups.   You can learn about skills such as software editing, team-working, self-organisation, communication, and presentation and interview techniques.

We offer training in:

• Code of conduct for behaviour in the workplace
• Public benefits of community media
• Knowing your audience; community, diversity, demographic
• Equipment and learning how to operate media technology
• Audio software skills
• Presentation skills
• Research methods
• Interview techniques
• Making a feature
• Writing for broadcast media
• Law and regulations
• Programme production