About Us

In May 2009, after four years of temporary broadcasts, Glastonbury FM launched as a fulltime community radio station, initially as a limited company converting to a community interest company in 2014.

Now rebranded as GWS Radio to reflect all the communities we serve; Glastonbury, Wells and Street we are also in the process of obtaining charitable status to reflect the work we do off air as well as our air broadcast.

GWS Radio is a fully Ofcom regulated service different to any currently available in the area. Our entire output is sourced and produced locally. We also cover national news. GWS Radio is made by local people for local people. We are known and loved for the diversity and range of output, bringing more and more local people to the airwaves. On-air we will be everything our local communities expect of us. We will continue to challenge and hold to account our agencies, councils and authorities whilst also offering them a platform to speak directly to their communities. We will inform, educate and entertain our listeners in ways they won’t hear anywhere else.


If you have something of interest, a news story or details of a forthcoming event or if you have some time on your hands and would like to learn new skills, it’s as easy as just sending us an email. admin@gws-radio.org.uk 

  • John Ross – Chair
  • email: john.ross@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Alice Topson – Secretary
  • email: alice.topson@gws-radio.org.uk / secretary@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Sam Clodd
  • email: sam.clodd@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Alan Day
  • email: alan.day@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Ben Black
  • email: ben.black@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Elizabeth Pearson
  • email: liz.pearson@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Michael Lea
  • email: mike.lea@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Treasurer – Alan Philpott
  • email: accounts@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Interim Station Manager – Joanne Schofield
  • email: admin@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Interim Technical Manager – Paul Christian
  • email: paul.christian@gws-radio.org.uk
  • Listener Panel

Key Commitments can be found here