Advertising and Sponsorship

GWS Radio is a not-for-profit community radio station run entirely by volunteers. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a potential audience of over 37,000 listeners.  We have been doing this since for the community since 2007. Our programmes cover a variety of different genres, local business and community issues, the local landscape and heritage, as well as output for and by young people.

GWS Radio provides a voice for individuals and organisations with over 60 different local community groups on air each year.

Our improved siting of our transmitter enables us to offer an improved service to a wider listening audience.

GWS Radio

What are the benefits of advertising on radio?

  • Radio is a trusted medium amongst all formats of the media
  • Radio advertising is affordable and the production costs are low
  • Radio reaches a variety of socio-demographics
  • Radio reaches into people’s homes and workplaces
  • Listeners are a captive audience, no fast forwarding to the end of the show or scanning a screen
  • Audiences who regularly listen to a specific programme will be hearing your advert on a regular basis

Advertising & Sponsorship

What do you get for your money?

There are several ways to grow your business with GWS Radio:

  • Voice Adverts
  • Home page adverts
  • Sponsorship
  • Business Friends
  • Informercials

Why Advertise on the Radio?

Your very own radio advertisement will reach potential customers whether they’re in their car, at home, on a boat or at work. Radio advertising reaches out to customers – and has the potential to create genuine success for your business. There’s no better way to get the word out and let people know you’re open for business.

GWS Radio covers Glastonbury, Street, Wells and their surrounding villages from our transmitter located near the iconic Tor, and even further afield through our internet streams including your smart speakers, computers and phones. We aim to play a broad range of music throughout each day, chosen with the audience demographic in mind, we’re confident that we’re the number one community choice in our area.

What does it cost?
Advertising on GWS Radio probably costs less than you think. The fees vary depending on what you want to do but can be as low as 62 Pence per play. You might want a standard 20 second radio commercial all-year-round, or you might prefer to run a promotional campaign for a few months.  Talk to us for individual deals.
Added to that or as part of some packages you could sponsor a particular show, or have your banner advert displayed on our website with a clickable hyperlink. Contact us today so we can arrange an initial no obligation chat about what kind of package would work for you. At the end of the day, we are your local community radio station and we are keen to support you as we can continue to support all of our community. Lets us help you, to grow your business.

Airtime Adverts

We can offer a choice of format for you particular business.
We can help you create your own advert

From as little as £99 a month, a 20 second advertisement played approximately 8 times a day  a minimum of 40 times a week, 160 times a month,  you could advertise as part of a short term promotion campaign, or a specific period or event. 


You can choose to sponsor a show or particular hour where your company’s name and a brief branding statement (and/or slogan) are advertised several times during the show and then any repeats. From £100 a month, you can be a show sponsor or sponsor a particular hour. Talk to us about individual deals.

Your logo on one of our pages


  • Have your company logo on one of our web pages complete with a hyperlink to your website.  When signing up for a twelve-month contract. Talk to us for individual deals.

Business Friend Supporter


  • If you want to support your community radio but can’t afford a full advert you can become a business friend with a link from our site to your website starting from just £10 a month. (12 Month Business Friend Supporter). Talk to us for individual deals.



  • Recorded infomercial/advertorial broadcast 10 times a week (when taken out as part of a 6-month contract).  We offer help and advice on a 2 minutes scripted feature of airtime which will explain more about your business and its products and services. Talk to us for individual deals. Limited availability.